Commando Style Chiptune On A Roland A-01

This video, via ranzee, explores creating Commodore 64 SID style chiptune using a Roland A-01 synthesizer.

The A-01 is a genre-busting piece of gear, very capable, but also challenging for Roland to position in the market:

The A-01 is an 8-bit VA, but goes beyond the capabilities of the C64. As noted in the video, ranzee uses the A-01 to go beyond the sound of the original. Here’s what he has to say about the video:

I take a look at an old Commodore 64 favorite game Commando and try to recreate the music by Rob Hubbard.

I’m using a Roland A-01 Boutique because it is an 8-Bit synthesizer. I show actual game footage and music taken from my personal Commodore 64.

I also take a look over Ableton Live and how to MIDI map individual tracks on the A-01 8-bit mono synth. Multi-track recording of all the sounds, including mapping drums from SID samples.

Watch until the end to see how it turns out 🙂