Takete Audiovisual Groovebox Updated To Version 2.0

Developer Jonathan Papert let us know that Takete, described as ‘an advanced audiovisual groovebox’, has been updated to version 2.0.

Takete lets you combine audio and video samples with granular synthesis, drum machines, modular inline/send FX and extensive programmable and flexible behavior.

Here’s what’s new in Takete 2.0:

  • Universal app – now runs on iPhone and iPad
  • All New Presets – written specifically for the takete groovebox
  • New Audio and Video samples – created by 3BS Records
  • New Audio FX units (Phazor, Stereo)
  • Global/local Swing feature added
  • Improvements to existing features
  • In-app purchase subscription mode added for editing/load/save functionality


  • Audiovisual presets bundled from a section of new innovative artists, with unlimited use for all users
  • Flexible architecture allowing infinite combinations of instruments, effects and controllers
  • Audio Instruments (Loop Player, Turntable, Sequencer, Granular Synth, Drum Machine, Recorder, External Input)
  • Import your own audio and video files from iTunes, other apps and the camera roll
  • iCloud audio/video import and export
  • Controllers (External MIDI, Matrix and Touch)
  • MIDI Learn functionality
  • Audio FX (Overdrive, Lofi, Delay, Plate Reverb, Phaser, Compressor (with sidechain) and more)
  • Video FX (Contrast, Repeat, Pixellate, Tunnel, Mirror, Reverb, Posterize, Scale, Dot, Edge)
  • Switchable video blend modes (Add, Subtract, Dodge, Saturation, Multiply, Divide)
  • High quality video output to external display/projector using VGA, HDMI and Airplay
  • Professional audio quality
  • Record video and audio output separately or combined
  • Extensive automation available
  • Ableton Link for wireless synchronisation across multiple devices
  • Audiobus integration as input and output device

Pricing and Availability

Takete is available now for $44.99 USD. A free version is also available, which is the same as the paid version, except for the ability to edit/load/save sessions. But it has unlimited access to the built in presets and a free month trial for editing access (which then goes onto a $4.49 USD per month subscription):

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