LittleBits BitLab Intros Bare Conductive Capacitive Proximity Sensor & Makey Makey Module

Bare Conductive & LittleBits have announced one of the first modules created as part of their new BitLab, the i10 touch sensor – a capacitive proximity sensor that sends a signal to the attached Bits as you physically approach it.

The new sensor can be used along with the Korg Synth Kit and other modules to create proximity-controlled instruments.  Continue reading

Korg Electribe Demo At BPM 2014

This video, via sonicstate, offers a preview of the new Korg Electribe, from BPM 2014.

The Electribe Music Production Station is a next-generation, Ableton Live-friendly 16-track polyphonic synth groovebox. Or as James at Korg says, ‘it’s the ultimate entry level to everything Korg’.  Continue reading

LittleBits Wants To Build Your Custom Synth Module

little-bits-new-synth-modulesLittleBits Electronics wants to build your custom synth module for their modular building system.

LittleBits already makes the Korg Synth Kit, a modular building kit that lets you snap together a basic modular synth, and a wide variety of other modules.

Now, they’ve announced The BitLab – a marketplace for user-generated hardware. You design a module, people vote for the most interesting modules, and the most interesting modules will get built. Continue reading