Akai Pro Timbre Wolf First Look

At the 2015 NAMM Show, Akai Pro introduced the Timbre Wolf analog synthesizer.

The Timbre Wolf is an analog 4-voice polyphonic synthesizer that recalls the earliest polyphonic synthesizers. In this video, Akai Professional Product Manager Dan Gill gives a quick overview of the Timbre Wolf synthesizer.

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KOMA Elektronik Intros Poltergeist Analog Quadraphonic Audio Mixer

2015 NAMM Show: KOMA Elektronik has introduced the Poltergeist – a Eurorack module that lets you manipulate up to four audio/CV signals quadraphonically or stereophonically.

The Poltergeist is an analog Eurorack format audio/CV mixer, panner and VCA that goes beyond the usual two dimensional standards and enables hands-on quadraphonic mixing and panning with a staggering number of VCAs. Continue reading

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators First Look

This video, via BBoy Tech Report, offers a quick look a the new Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator portable synthesizers.

All three models come without casing, with the components and artwork are visible directly on the printed circuit board.

The 2xaaa battery-powered pocket also come with a segment lcd screen, built in speaker, alarm clock and a stand made from bent wire.

All models also feature parameter locks, as well as synchronization functionality and they all have 3.5mm line in and line out.

Each model has its own set of effects, such as filters, bit-crushing, delay, stutter and many more. They are priced at $59 each.