Live Chiptune Jam On Elektron Analog Rytm

Reader Thomas J, aka tubesockor, shared this live performance of TDK’s Space Duregungle (8bit mix) using the Elektron Analog Rytm.

The performance is a great example of making an instrument your own, showcasing some of the recently updated capabilities of the Analog Rytm and exploring its capabilities as a chiptune synth.

Here’s what he has to say about the performance:

“At the heart of it is three channels (four tracks) of SY CHIP engine for all leads, basses, blips and most drums.

Additionally, an internally sampled kick (synthesised on the unit) as well as some analog hats. Tried to be very close to the original on all aspects, and then added some live jamming on top.

The SY CHIP engine of OS 1.70 was used for all melodic & drum sounds on Channels 1-3 (TRK 1-4), with a few additional sounds on other channels (analog hats & cymbals, sampled BD ACOUSTIC kick etc).

All recorded live in one go, direct from the main outputs – no compression or EQ applied.”

4 thoughts on “Live Chiptune Jam On Elektron Analog Rytm

    1. I mean, no one is buying the RYTM just for this feature any more that people are buying Porches just for the floor mats

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