Custom ’303 Energy’ Features Two Dark Star Synths, Sequencer & Theremin


The custom 303 Energy is a sequencer synthesizer, based on two Doepfer A-111-5 Dark Energy synthesizers and an Acidlab Autobot.

If that isn’t enough – it has two built-in theremins to control the dual synths’ filters.

Here’s a demo of the 303 Energy in action: Continue reading

Musikmesse 2013 Is Coming April 10th – What Gear Do You Want To See Introduced?

musikmesseMusikmesse 2013 - the ‘international fair for musical instruments, sheet music, music production and music business connections’ – is happening this week, April 10-13, in Frankfurt.

There have already been a lot of announcements for electronic music gear being introduced at Musikmesse, including:

And the show hasn’t even started yet – so expect a flurry of gear announcements this week.

With that in mind, what gear would you like to see companies introduce at Musikmesse?

Doepfer Intros MAQ 16/3 MIDI Analog Sequencer ‘Dark Edition’


Musikmesse 2013: Doepfer has announced the MAQ 16/3 MIDI Analog Sequencer Dark Edition, a special edition of their Analog Sequencer MAQ16/3 with black front panel and rotary knobs designed to match their Dark Energy synthesizers and Dark Time step sequencer.  Continue reading