Eisenberg Audio Releases Vier, Emulates Doepfer MS-404

Eisenberg_VierBerlin-based audio software developer Eisenberg Audio has released a new software synthesizer, Vier.

If you remember high school German class, you’ll recall that Vier means four, and Eisenberg’s Vier emulates the Doepfer MS-404, the monophonic analog synthesizer from the 1990s.

The Doepfer MS-404 was a single rack device. Vier combines four independent rack modules in one interface. More than an emulation of a beloved vintage synth, Vier uses modern technologies for its synthesis engine, such as anti-aliasing oscillators, which are capable of audio range modulation and zero-delay feedback filters best known from synthesizers like LuSH, Monark or Diva.
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Custom ‘303 Energy’ Features Two Dark Star Synths, Sequencer & Theremin


The custom 303 Energy is a sequencer synthesizer, based on two Doepfer A-111-5 Dark Energy synthesizers and an Acidlab Autobot.

If that isn’t enough – it has two built-in theremins to control the dual synths’ filters.

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