Doepfer Intros ‘Slim Line’ Eurorack Modules

Dieter Doepfer – creator of the Eurorack modular synthesizer standard – let us know that his company, Doepfer Musikelektronik, is introducing a new ‘Slim Line Series’ of modules at Superbooth 2019.

The Series includes a collection of ‘bread and butter’ modules that pack a lot of functionality into a small width.

The Doepfer Slim Line Series includes:

  • A-111-6, a complete synth voice in 10 HP width;
  • A-118-2 Noise Generator/Random/Sample and Hold module
    A-121-3 Multimode filter;
    A-130-2 Dual VCA;
    A-138i Interrupting mixer;
    A-138n Nano Mixer, a simple four channel mixer;
    A-145-4 Quad LFO; and
  • A-182-2 Quad Switch.

Details on each of the modules are already available at the Doepfer site.

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