The Aquadrum Brings Custom Tunings To The Tongue Drum

aquadrum-topOff-topic but interesting: At Musikmesse 2016, drummer and inventor Deniz Gungor is demonstrating the Aquadrum – a tongue drum that’s designed to be easily retunable to different scales or tunings.

According to Gungor, the Aquadrum builds on the original idea of Dennis Havlena’s propane tank drum (steel tongue-drum), adding the ability to retune the drum as needed, using patented tuning magnets.

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Aerodrums Intros Virtual Reality Drum Set For Oculus Rift


At the 2016 NAMM Show, Aerodrom developers introduced Aerodrums – a virtual reality Oculus Rift virtual instrument.

Developed by former researchers at the Trinity College Dublin Vision and Visualization lab, Yann Morvan and Richard Lee, Aerodrums is an air drumming musical instrument which utilizes motion capture technology to create a fully functional, customizable drumset.

Aerodrums are intended as an alternative for drummers who lack space for an acoustic or electronic drum kit, as well as for drummers who don’t want to annoy their neighbors — or even as the perfect starter kit for a young aspiring drummer who may have difficulty convincing their parents to commit to buying an acoustic drum set.

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Aria Sounds Releases Catalyst Drum Sample Library For Kontakt

Aria Sounds recently released Catalyst, their “high end cinematic percussion” sample library. The library features drums and percussion instruments with four blend-able microphone positions (close, overhead, mid, far) for greater control over the sound, as well as up to five round robins per note, and multi dynamic layers.

Each drum in the Catalyst sample library was recorded with different types and sizes of sticks/mallets; and when combined with the multiple microphone positions, there are a wide variety of different sounds that can be gotten from each instrument.
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Sample Logic Releases Impakt

August 15 Sample Logic releases IMPAKT, a new suite of over 850 “morphed” concert percussion instruments and multis. This collection of instruments ranges from “dramatically twisted” marimbas and xylophones, peaceful chimes and bells to “massively transfigured” tympani, gongs, bass drums, cymbals, and a range of world percussion instruments.

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SONiVOX Releases Big Bang Universal Drums 2.0 – Their ‘Flagship Drum Instrument’

SONiVOX has released the updated version of their percussion instrument, Big Bang Universal Drums 2.0, their ‘flagship drum instrument’.

New features in Big Bang Universal Drums 2.0 include an integrated patch browser, new content, 64-bit VST and AU support, 15 GB of drum sounds; 16 kits and over 400 patches. Continue reading

BeepStreet Impakton Physical Modeling Percussion Synth For iOS (Sneak Preview)

BeepStreet, maker of the iOS synth Sunrizer, has announced Impakton – a new app designed to turn any surface into a playable percussive instrument.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

You just slap your desk like a real drum, the transient acoustic signal is fed into the physical modeling engine and turned into the desired sound. That makes Impakton an extremely expressive instrument. Drop a coin on the desk, select any of the membramophones presets and you will hear the sound of the coin dancing on a membrane.

Here are audio previews for Impaktion:

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Slaperoo ‘Lap Slap’ Electronic Percussion Instrument (Sneak Preview)

YouTube Preview Image

This video offers a preview of a new instrument from Slaperoo, the ‘Lap Slap‘.

The Lap Slap is a smaller version of the original Slaperoo, which is designed to be held like a stand-up bass. The Lap Slap is 26″ long and designed to be played in your lap.

Both instruments are based around a tensioned steel strap on a rigid aluminum tube.

Korg Wavedrum Percussion Synthesizer Demos

YouTube user HALmotohashi has created a series of video demos showcasing the capabilities of the Korg Wavedrum percussion synthesizer as not just a percussion instrument, but as a drum-controlled synthesizer.

The Korg Wavedrum puts some impressive synthesis capabilities into a sensitive controller.

The Wavedrum contains 36 DSP algorithms, allowing for a variety of of synthesis methods; analog, additive, non-linear, physical modeling, etc. The PCM sound engine – the other important part of Wavedrum’s sound creation system – contains 200 sampled sounds; 100 for the head, and 100 for the rim, with velocity-switching capabilities.

These videos highlight the variety of sound, and the sensitive control over sound, that the Wavedrum allows.

YouTube Preview Image

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