Electronic Music Review

electronic-music-reviewAvant garde arts site Ubuweb has shared PDF copies of issues of the Electronic Music Review, which was published by the Independent Electronic Music Center from Jan 1967-Jul 1968 and edited by Reynold Weidenaar & Robert Moog.

The Electronic Music Review offers a look at the state of electroacoustic music in the late sixties.

It features articles by the like of Harold Bode, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Moog, Luciano Berio, Tristram Cary, Hugh Le Caine, Tod Dockstader, Alvin Lucier, Joel Chadabe, Gordon Mumma, Ray Dolby and Walter Carlos. Continue reading

Audulus Now Available For iPhone

Developer Taylor Holliday has release a new version of Audulus for iOS, adding support for the iPhone.

Holiday has updated the UI to accommodate the iPhone’s screen, as demonstrated in the video above. And, while it runs on a device that you can carry in your pocket, it offers the same features and audio engine of Audulus for iPad and OS X, so you can share patches among your devices.

The update is free for existing Audulus for iPad users – and any in-app upgrades that you’ve purchased will work on the iPhone. Continue reading

Open Mic: Do DJ’s Have A Responsibility To Play ‘Commercial’ Music?

nick-warrenDJ and producer Nick Warren had his set cut short over the weekend……because it wasn’t commercial enough.

Here’s what he had to say about it:

Apologies to everyone on the full dance floor last night in Seoul.

Someone who had booked a table had complained to the club that I was not playing commercial music, so the club told me to stop after an hour.

Words can not explain how i feel about that, to be honest.

For reference – here’s a Nick Warren mix, celebrating 15 years of his Hope Recordings label: Continue reading

Free Soundscape Recorder Designed For Recording And Sharing Environmental Sound

soundscape-recorderSoundscape Recorder is a free app, for iOS and Android, designed for recording and sharing environmental sound.

Soundscape ecology is a field of research that investigates how sound in the environment can be used to assess ecosystem health and human connection to nature and the environment in general.

The app creates environmental audio recordings and captures additional information about the recording, including location, date/time, meta data about the sounds in the recording and optional user input.

In conjunction with Earth Day 2014 (April 22), the creators are organizing an effort to record soundscapes from around the world. Here is an introduction to the project: Continue reading

Mark Verbos Interview On Art+Music+Technology Podcast


Mark Verbos, creator of the Verbos Electronics modular synthesizer system, is featured in the latest episode of the Art+Music+Technology podcast.

“Mark and I have a history that goes back to the days of working with Grant Richter (Wiard) in the basement of his Milwaukee home,” notes host Darwin Grosse. “We spend a little time getting caught up. I hope you enjoy it!”

You can listen to the interview via the embed below or at the A+M+T site: Continue reading