SDS Drop Streamlines Sample Transfer For Elektron Analog Rytm

sds-drop-ipadDeveloper Jakob Penca has introduced SDS Drop for OS X – a utility that’s designed to make sample transfers to your Elektron Analog Rytm drum machine ‘a breeze’.

To use, you drag & drop your files onto the drum pads, and the app takes care of the rest. Samples are loaded into the current Rytm project and assigned to your current Kit, ready to play.

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Patchblocks For Eurorack Let You Program Your Own Synth Module

patchblocks-eurorackThis video, via Andy Wilson, offers a first look at the Patchblocks for Eurorack module – a Eurorack format of the Patchblocks programmable synth module. worked with Patchblocks to develop a Eurorack modular synth version of the original standalone Patchblocks module. Patchblocks allows the user to program and customize how the module behaves. For example, it can be an audio oscillator, sequencer, drum machine, effects unit, depending on the patch you load.

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