TaDream is a very interesting site for fans of Tangerine Dream. One of the highlights of the site is the Tangerine Tree Project, which provides free downloadable music from many great Tangerine Dream concerts. The site also has many other media files, including interviews and lost tracks.

The Tangerine Tree project is a collaborative effort by fans and members of the tadream mailing list to remaster and distribute live TD music. Their goal is to get the best fan recordings and apply the most modern remastering technologies. The quality of the remastered concert recordings is quite high, considering the original sources. About thirty albums are available for free download, with many more planned.

The project works with the tacit approval of Tangerine Dream and TDI music under the conditions that it is expressly not for profit. The project makes available music that might be impossible to sell because of its niche appeal. Of special interest are concert recordings from their fertile period in the late seventies and early eighties.

The site also has a history of electronic music, and many interviews with Edgar Froese and Tangerine Dream.


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  1. Newbie here. I have TD’s 220 Volt Live….I have a video of the entire canyon road, that turns North off Utah’s US-89, and goes up through Cottonwood Canyon, Grosvenor Arch, and Kodachrome Basin State Park. The video is an approximate 133 minutes long, and this album blended with the video would make a killer “Ambience” video….in my opinion. Anyone else that may share the same opinion?

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