Diane Arkenstone – Aquaria: A Liquid Blue Trancescape

Aquaria: A Liquid Blue Trancescape is light new-age music in the style of Enigma. The music is polished, professional and produced, but also a little ponderous.

This light new-age trance pop tries to be sexy, but fails to generate much heat. It cops a feel, in a groove sense, from Enigma, to the point that it almost feels like Enigma-lite, if that is possible.

The beat is mid-tempo throughout, and the music maintains a consistent global new-age groove. Well-worn asian flute samples make an appearance, and the other synth-work is professional but nothing unique.

The music may put some listeners in a trance, but others may fine some of the lyrical content unintentionally humorous. Fans of light new-age music may find Aquaria relaxing, but others will probably find it overly saccharine.

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