New Moog MuRF Animates Analog Filters

Moog MusicMoog MuRF multiple resonance filters is now shipping the moogerfooger MF-105 MuRF, a Multiple Resonance Filter Array.

The MuRF is a new effect from the mind of Bob Moog. MuRF stands for Multiple Resonance Filter Array – an 8-band bank of tuned, resonant filters that impart a very nice, warm sound to signals passed through them. The levels of the filters can be changed in rhythmic patterns by the ANIMATION module, a 24-pattern sequencer that triggers 8 volume envelopes, one for each filter.The shapes of the envelopes can be drastically altered by the ENVELOPE control, and the tempo of the patterns can be set by the RATE control, or tapping three times in the desired tempo on an optional Moog FS-1 footswitch plugged into the TAP/STEP input. MuRF’s effects can be bouncy techno-sounding filter arpeggiations, or smooth, slowly changing timbres that swirl around your head (or anything in between). Without ANIMATION, the MuRF’s filters can be used as a fixed filter bank to completely transform the tone of your instrument.

The Moog site features sound files that demonstrate the MuRF’s capabilities.

As with all moogerfoogers, the MuRF can be used with any instrument that you can “plug in”. It comes with its own power supply and user’s manual.

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