Tiesto and Bjork Start Olympics With An Electronica Beat

Bjork at the OlympicsElectronica music played a major role in the opening of the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece. Top Dutch DJ Tiësto performed during the parade of athletes, while Icelandic singer Björk‘s stunning performance proved to be one of the highlights of the event.

Tiësto, twice voted the top DJ in the world, made Olympic history as the first DJ ever to perform in an Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. Tiësto performed during the 90-minute parade, in which participating nations introduce their athletes, over 10,000 in all. Tiësto performed a live DJ-set, including tracks produced specifically for the Opening Ceremony.

The President of the Athens 2004 Organizing Committee, Mrs. Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki, heralded the announcement of Tiësto’s participation, saying: “Our Ceremonies will include unique Greek artistic elements along with modern and international perspectives. While it is path-breaking, it is also natural, that a modern artist like Tiësto will contribute to the celebration we’re planning on our opening night. We welcome him to Athens.”

DJ tiesto helped start of the 2004 olympic gamesTiësto, right, said, “I am honored to be to be part of the biggest sports event in the world. The fact that the Games are returning to their birthplace and to the city where they were revived makes Athens 2004 very special. The opportunity to perform my music for billions of people around the globe will be the greatest highlight of my life.”

Later in the ceremony, Icelandic electronica artist Björk performed a song she wrote for the event, Oceania. Her performance was both a spectacle and moving.

Björk wore what must be the largest dress ever created, and as she sang, the thousands of athletes pulled the hem of the dress, and waves of fabric unraveled until the dress filled the stadium, covering the heads of all the athletes.

The dress design featured an image of all the countries of the globe. The imagery matched the theme of her song, Oceania. According to Björk, “The song is written from the point of view of the ocean that surrounds all the land and watches over the humans to see how they are doing after millions of years of evolution. It sees no borders, different races or religion which has always been at the core of these games.”

Officials estimated that four billion people would be watching the opening of the 28th Olympiad of the modern era.

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