Godlyke Introduces EMMA Effects Pedals

Godlyke Inc. has announced their distribution of the EMMA line of analog effect units for guitar and bass.

Hand built in Denmark; EMMA effects have made a big splash in the
European market with their unique circuit designs and amazing sound
quality. Each EMMA model features an rugged, cast aluminum chassis with
brushed aluminum face plate; Effect LED indicator; true bypass
switching; 9-volt battery or AC power operation; and a three-year parts
and labor warranty.

Available models are as follows:

DB-1 Discumbobulator – The flagship of the EMMA
line, the DB-1 is an amazingly versatile envelope filter that works
great for Guitar, Bass, or Keyboards. Sensitivity, Drive, Width, and
Attack controls give the user complete control over the filter sweep
while high quality components and proprietary design insure precise
note tracking with zero noise. List Price $250 / Street Price $187.50

RF-1 Reezafratzitz – This unique
overdrive/distortion unit allows the user to blend Class A and Class B
circuitry to produce incredibly realistic tube-amp distortion at any
volume. Level, Tone, Bias, and Gain controls allow for everything from
AC30-like sizzle to full-bore Marshall Crunch with low noise and
remarkable dynamic response. List Price $250 / Street Price $187.50

TM-1 Transmorgrifier – The first pedal by EMMA, the
TM-1 compressor was designed to address the shortcomings of other
compressors on the market. Level, Release, Attack, and Ratio controls
allow the user to custom-tailor the amount and duration of the
compression effect while retaining the integrity of the original
signal. Incredibly versatile and quiet, the TM-1 is great for Guitar or
Bass. List Price $250 / Street Price $187.50

For more information on EMMA hand built effect or other Godlyke
products, contact Godlyke at their toll free number (866) 246-3595 or
visit their website at http://www.godlyke.com.

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