Rare Vangelis Interview

Vangelis - AlexanderOscar-winning composer Vangelis talks in his first UK interview in over 10 years about working with a difficult Oliver Stone on Alexander, his approach to music and more.

Alexander has opened to reviews that could be called “mixed” at best. Vangelis’ Alexander soundtrack, though, finds Vangelis at his peak. Vangelis mixes electronics, orchestra and exotic instrumentation to create a vivid work.

In a interview with the UK Telegraph, Vangelis explains that he wanted to work on Alexander “ not just because he was a part of my heritage, but because he was very intelligent and wanted to unify the world”.

Dealing with director Oliver Stone was another matter. “The way he works is endless. You never get a final cut, and it took me over a year.”

On his own place in the world of music, Vangelis comments “If I’ve made money from music, it was never my aim to do that. I didn’t do it to become famous. I absolutely respect and I believe I serve music.”

The interview is available at the Telegraph site.

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