Iowa Electronica Label Offers Free Music Via Podcasts

An Iowa-based electronica music label is using a new technology, podcasting, to promote and distribute independent music.

Hooray For Vouvray! is an electronica/ambient music label out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, founded by musician and artist Mark Rushton. The label’s second podcast, a 17 minute program featuring 3 pieces of music and commentary by the artist, was created and released on January 5, 2005 at

Podcasts are a new way of obtaining music, talk shows, and advice on the internet. Usually associated with the Apple iPod and other MP3-playing devices, podcasts are providing free syndicated programming for listeners around the world.

Rushton, who has been creating music and putting it on the internet since 2000, believes that podcasts are a great way to promote music by independent artists. “Since I put out my first podcast in December 2004, traffic to my site has gone way up and I’ve seen an increase in CD sales and positive feedback as a result. People are hungry for free yet quality programming, and I’m happy to provide it.”

Podcasts can be easily obtained by subscribing to RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds through services like My Yahoo and any number of popular RSS “aggregator” programs like Bloglines, NetNewsWire, and Mozilla’s Sage.

More information is available at the Hooray for Vouvray! site.

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