Spectrasonics Stylus RMX Update

Spectrasonics Stylus RMXNAMM 2005: Spectrasonics released version 1.2 of Stylus RMX. The new version of the groove software adds over a dozen new features including three brand new effect modules, as well as enhanced compatibility with major host applications. The update is now available as a free download for all registered users from the Spectrasonics website in all supported plug-in platforms.

The Stylus RMX virtual instrument plug-in also adds compatibility for 8-pairs of multiple audio outputs in both Digidesign Pro Tools v6.7 and Apple Logic v7. Multiple outputs are also currently implemented in VST host platforms.

New Stylus RMX Version 1.2 Features:

  • Three Brand New Effect Modules:
    • Radio Delay — A unique, de-syncable Dual Delay unit with radio-style filters and overdrive provides “radio-ized” rhythmic echo effects that are ideal for many kinds of loops. The tempo control can be either sync’ed to the host or set manually for that “slightly out of sync” feeling and many other useful sounds in modern groove production.
    • PRO-Verb — A reverb unit with extensive shaping controls. This new reverb is versatile –with sounds ranging from high-end room simulation, studio chambers, plates and concert halls to unique resonator effects and bizarre sound design colors. The ambient signal can be “frozen” in time for ambient drones and it has a variable CPU control for adjusting to the needs of various systems and processing situations.
    • Spring Verb — The spring returns! A funky retro effect that faithfully models the sound of the old vintage ‘spring reverb’ tanks of yesteryear, with loads of original character. The stereo image can be drastically altered and tone-shaping controls can be placed before or after the spring. Perfect for dub mixes and if you want your tracks to have that “classic” sound of the 50s and 60s.
  • New Effect Preset library of over 450 presets and rack presets created by Spectrasonics
  • Single Effects Patch Management: save, copy, paste, or load an effect patch by right-clicking the effect
  • Effect Rack Patch Management: save, copy, paste, or load an entire three-effect rack with custom rack patches by right clicking the rack. Rack patches may be used as inserts on individual parts, inserts on edit groups, on any of the 4 auxillary racks or as mastering effects.
  • “Next Bar” trigger mode: automatically start a groove at the beginning of the next bar, great for simplifying recording stereo audio into a host like Pro Tools precisely at the preferred bar, and for live performance applications.
  • Multiple Outputs in Apple Logic 7: load a “Multi Channel” version of RMX in Logic 7 for access to eight stereo outputs and processing with external Logic plug-ins or through the physical outputs of a multichannel audio interface.
  • New MIDI Learn and Automation parameters: The master Play button can be used with parameter automation or MIDI Learn to start playback of Stylus RMX at a specific point in a song or from a control surface. The Half and Double speed buttons are now also added to the 10,000 parameters that are MIDI controllable in RMX.
  • Pro Tools parameter automation: automate any RMX parameter using Pro Tools’ standard automation
  • “MIDI CC” footer value display option shows MIDI CC events received by Stylus RMX — useful when doing MIDI learn operations
  • Multiple Outputs in Pro Tools v6.7: Send any sound in RMX through 8 pairs of stereo outputs
  • Various additional enhancements and improved performance

New RMX Community Area

In addition to the new 1.2 version of Stylus RMX, Spectrasonics has announced the launch of a new “Community Area” on its website at www.spectrasonics.net/rmxcommunity for registered Stylus RMX users. The new web area has many useful downloads and will be updated regularly with new information. The Community Area has links to the latest software updates, updated and new video tutorials, a FAQ section combining the answers to many of the most asked tech questions, “Index for the Video Tutorials” PDF documents in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese, and Host Set Up Tutorial PDF files explaining how to use Stylus RMX multitimbrally with 8-MIDI channels and “drag & drop” MIDI file procedures for various host software including Ableton Live, Digidesign Pro Tools, and Apple Logic. The web area also has a “Multi patches” download for Groove Control library users.

S.A.G.E. Xpanders

Spectrasonics recently released the Groove Control activated S.A.G.E. Xpander series for Stylus RMX. The newly released DVD-ROM expansion titles include BackBeat, Retro Funk, Metamorphosis and Liquid Grooves -featuring literally thousands of incredible acoustic drum, percussion and creative sound design grooves that are specially customized for use in RMX. A fifth Xpander titled Burning Grooves focuses on aggressive acoustic drumming, and will be released in February. All S.A.G.E. Xpanders retail for $99US each.

The US suggested retail price for Stylus RMX is $299, while the European price is 249 Euros. Stylus RMX supports all major host applications compatible with Apple OSX AU, VST and RTAS, and Windows VST.

For more information, visit the Spectrasonics site.

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