Fuse-in Detroit Electronic Music Festival

Kevin Saunderson and MusicLogical have announced plans to produce FUSE-in Detroit this Memorial Day weekend (May 28, 29, 30) at Hart Plaza in Detroit, Michigan. A multi-year contract was signed with the City of Detroit allowing Saunderson to produce the festival, originally known as The Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) and more recently, Movement. The festival’s new name FUSE-in: Detroit’s Electronic Movement, represents a new beginning and a new harmony to the event, with hopes to unify the City of Detroit, electronic music fans and its culture worldwide.

Saunderson offered, “Music is technically defined as the art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous, unified, and evocative composition. Logical represents reasoning in a clear and consistent manner.

In that light, MusicLogical has been created to fuse and celebrate music’s finest role – to bring people together and remove all bias.” Under the direction of Detroit Techno founding father Kevin Saunderson, MusicLogical is committed to building on the integrity and legacy of Detroit music, furthering in the process Electronic Music as a genre.

As Festival Producer, Saunderson has put together a core team of professionals to carry out this vision. New Festival Director, Ade’ Mainor, presently the President and Chief Operating Officer of Submerge, a globally-celebrated Detroit record label and production company, promises to deliver a world class festival like no other. Scott McIntyre was chosen to serve as Festival Marketing Director. McIntyre and his Michigan company, TheBigHouse, have been involved at many levels in marketing and producing successful events, broadcasts, and media from locations from as far as France to Mexico to California at festivals, on radio and in clubs.

Formally continuing his ground-shaking efforts from last year’s show is Olof van Winden, Chairman of The Generator Foundation, a European group which profiles itself in Art, Music and Technology. Van Winden will serve this year as the official International Festival Director, assisting with foreign sponsorship, artist related services, tourism board and ministry of culture throughout Europe. Public Relations Director/Festival Spokesperson this year is Barbara Deyo. Deyo dates back to the inaugural DEMF, as the head of Marketing and PR, and has continued on as press agent to Kevin Saunderson, as well as being a consistent voice and liaison in the Electronic Music community.

The MusicLogical staff is working fast and furious to secure vital sponsorships and a best-ever global talent line-up for this year’s festival.

With the festival for ’06 already in process, and representing a massive shift in form and function this year, we will be asking for broad community support – help is welcomed and needed. Two kick-off and fundraising parties will be held Sunday March 13 at Fifth Avenue Comerica Park AND Sunday April 3 at The Necto in Ann Arbor. Line up and details will be announced soon.

Stay tuned for the debut of the FUSE-in Detroit web site at www.FUSE-inDetroit.com presenting news, information, schedules and volunteer opportunities.

FUSE-in: Detroit’s Electronic Movement :: May 28, 29, 30 :: 12pm-12am
Hart Plaza

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