MidiJet Pro Wireless MIDI Controller

Midi Jet ProClassic Organ Works has announced the availability of its second wireless MIDI product, MIDIjet Pro, first previewed at NAMM 2005.

MIDIjet Pro features an external antenna and a more powerful transmitter than its predecessor, permitting wireless connections up to 500 ft apart. Up to 31 wireless MIDI connections can be made in the same environment.

Using MIDIjet, musicians can connect any two pieces of MIDI gear without cumbersome cables. It is designed to replace standard MIDI cables in situations where cables restrict performer mobility, are visually unpleasant, or awkward to connect.

The MIDIjet Pro Wireless MIDI kit is as easy to use as standard cables – all that’s required is to connect the transmitter to a MIDI Out and receiver to a MIDI In. MIDIjet operates on the 2.4 GHz license-free band and is powered by either 2 ‘AA’ alkaline batteries or a DC adapter.

MIDIjet Pro is available for purchase direct from Classic Organ Works for US $395.

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