MI7 to Distribute Cycling ’74 Software in Europe

MI7, a distribution company for Media and Music Production Solutions based in Malmö, Sweden, and Cycling ’74, a software company based in San Francisco, have announced a distribution agreement in which MI7 will distribute the entire Cycling ’74 product line in Europe. MI7 territories in Europe include: Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Benelux and Spain.

“For us the Cycling ’74 product range adds an extra amount of flavour to our range of media production tools, said Per Larsen, CEO of MI7. “It’s that extra spice that helps make a difference in an audio. We’re pleased and excited to add this eclectic and creative company to our portfolio.”

“We are very impressed with MI7’s state-of-the-art distribution model,” said David Zicarelli, President of Cycling ’74. “We’re looking forward to a productive relationship based on our shared interest in innovative business methods.”

The Cycling ’74 product line currently includes:

  • Max/MSP: a powerful and intuitive real-time audio development environment
  • Jitter: a set of 133 brilliant video, matrix, and 3D graphics objects for the Max programming environment
  • Pluggo: a collection of more than 100 extraordinary real-time plug-in audio effects and virtual instruments for RTAS, VST, and Audio Units applications
  • Mode: a set of plug-ins for RTAS, VST, and Audio Units which combines classic synthesis and effects technique with state-of-the-art performance control
  • Radial: a loop-based tool designed for those looking to explode the boundaries between live performance, sound design, and composition
  • M: an updated version of the classic composition program originally published in the mid 1980s
  • Soundflower and Soundflowerbed: a free open-source utility for connecting audio applications
  • Cycles: a series of audio source libraries by Ron MacLeod including “Sustained Encounters,” “Unnatural Rhythm,” and “Incidental Gesture” and the upcoming, “Momentary Incursion”
  • Hipno: a new set of over forty effects and instrument plug-ins featuring the unique Hipnoscope user interface (available 2nd quarter 2005)

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