Reason 3.0 Hits the Streets

Reason 3.0Propellerhead Software has announced the availability of version 3.0 of their award-winning music software system, Reason, at music and computer stores worldwide. Propellerhead has taken what was a stand-alone music production instrument to the next level with Reason 3.0, which now is also a powerful live instrument. The brand new sound bank, the Combinator device, the new inspiration-boosting sound browser and the new Remote technology turn Reason into a powerful workstation for both music production and live performance.

The expanded sound bank in Reason 3.0 is more than comprehensive, with sounds spanning from the expected to the obscure and abstract, offering enough material for any style of music.

Reason 3.0 is now pre-configured with new Remote technology for use with all the leading controller keyboards and control surfaces on the market, and is destined to become a favourite among studio based synth tweakers and live players. To use Remote, all the user needs to do is to hook up any supported controller to the computer and Reason will identify it and handle pre-configured controller mappings for all Reason devices. Reason 3.0 integrates more remote keyboards with tighter implementation than anything that has been ever done before. Reason’s Remote technology supports over 35 controllers with more to come.

Reason 3.0 also comes with the MClass mastering tools. The suite consists of a mastering EQ, a stereo imager, a sweet sounding compressor and a maximizer to further polish and empower one’s sound. Benchmarked against industry standard mastering effects during development, the MClass units turned out to be everything Propellerhead Software strived for and will do wonders to a final mix in Reason.

At the heart of the Reason 3 is the Combinator device. It’s a brilliant grouping device, a rack within the Reason rack, that lets the user load complex instrument patches consisting of any number of Reason devices then play them as one instrument. The result is an extremely flexible yet simple-to-understand way of playing and creating rich-sounding instrument patches, complete with effects and modulation setups. The Combinator ties the new additions together and with the Remote technology, the MClass effect and the many Combinator patches in the new sound bank, it turns the Reason rack into an instantly playable instrument.

Reason 3 is now available for a MSRP of $449EUR/$499USD

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