400 Free Loops for GarageBand from iCompositions

iCompositions has partnered with Bandmateloops to give away another package of free loops for GarageBand, Logic, and Soundtrack. The collection, available exclusively for registered users of iCompositions, consists of 121 loops and joins existing free packages available from iCompositions, bringing iCompositions members 417 free Apple Loops.

The collection includes loops from instruments such as the Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Drums and Percussion, various Synths, and Electronic Drums from Bandmateloops’ Apple Loops Collections.

The Bandmates free loops package joins the recent AMG+iC package from loops producer AMG and one from Drums on Demand as the third batch of loops offered through iCompositions. The previous packages contained 296 loops, making a total of 417 loops available to registered iCompositions users. More information on both packages can be found at http://www.icompositions.com/freeloops or users can register at http://www.icompositions.com/register.

iCompositions is a community for users of Appleā€™s GarageBand music creation software. Launched just hours after Steve Jobs unveiled the application on January 6, 2004, iCompositions has grown to contain the largest catalogue of GarageBand music in the world with more than 9000 songs from more than 15,500 artists. It enjoys active forums and its GarageBand Tools section features more than 175 resources for GarageBand.

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