Griffin Ships AirClick Remote for iPod and iPod mini.

Griffin AirClickGriffin Technology has announced that they are now shipping the AirClick Remote, a unique wireless remote control for the iPod and the iPod mini.

The AirClick Remote uses RF technology that allows users to control their iPod from up to 60 ft. away. Users will not have to be in the line of sight for it to work, making it a perfect solution for using your iPod while in your car, hiking or exercising. RF signals also pass through walls, so you can control your iPod throughout your home. The AirClick remote is compatible with all iPods that have a dock connector, including the iPod mini and the iPod photo. It also will enable the iPod photo to advance pictures while in photo mode. Each AirClick package ships with a remote, a receiver that mounts to the iPod or iPod mini, and a convenient remote cradle and straps for attaching it to an automobile steering wheel, bicycle, or anything that’s handy.

The remote control features five buttons: play/pause, next track, previous track, volume up, and volume down. It also has a hold switch, mimicking that of the iPod. A handy clip on the back provides instant access while jogging, cycling or chilling on the couch.

Each AirClick receiver has the ability to be paired to any remote unit. One AirClick remote can control multiple iPods, or if two AirClick remotes are being used in close proximity, they could be paired to individual units, allowing maximum flexibility.

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