Griffin Releases AirClick USB Remote for Mac, PC, iPods

griffin airclickGriffin Technology has announced that they are now shipping the AirClickUSB Remote, a unique wireless remote control for Mac and PC computers.

The AirClickUSB Remote uses RF technology that allows users to control their computers from up to 60 ft. away. Users do not have to be in line of sight, making AirClick ideal for controlling applications remotely. RF signals pass through walls, so users do not even have to be the same room. The AirClickUSB remote is compatible with all Macs and PCs with a USB port, running OS X or XP. Each AirClickUSB package ships with a remote, a USB receiver, a software CD and a USB extension cable for maximum flexibility in receiver placement.

The AirClickUSB ships with the ability to control a number of popular applications, including: iTunes (Mac/PC), Windows Media Player (PC), PowerPoint (Mac/PC), Keynote (Mac), QuickTime (Mac/PC) and DVD Player (Mac). Future software updates will include additional applications.

For users with an AirPort Express using AirTunes, the AirClickUSB is a perfect companion, allowing wireless control of your iTunes library without getting up from the couch.

The small, elegant remote control features five buttons: play/pause, next track, previous track, volume up, and volume down. Each button can change its functionality depending on the application it’s controlling. The AirClickUSB remote is identical to the AirClick for iPod remote and can be used to control either iPod or PC. Each AirClick receiver has the ability to be paired to any remote unit, so a single remote could be used for controlling either an iPod, a computer, or both.

Pricing & Availability

The Griffin AirClickUSB is $39.99 USD and can be ordered from

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