Barry Shrader Beyond

Barry Schrader BeyondElectroacoustic pioneer Barry Schrader has released his latest CD, Beyond, on Innova.

This album features four recent electro-acoustic music works: First Spring, Beyond, Duke’s Tune (the first and only musical work based on a melody composed by a pig), and all three movements of Death: Before Death, Into Death, and After Death.

Regarding the music on this CD, pioneering electro-acoustic music composer Bebe Barron proclaims “This music conjures up a whirlwind of emotion from some primeval source that permeates the listener with awe.”

Concerning the work Death, composer Judy Klein writes “ I am captured in the very first moment. And then, what subtle enhancement in the second section, and what a journey in the third! I hear the release of the spirit, its energy, its guides; darkness, hugeness, powerful monsters. Images foreign but not unfamiliar come to mind. There is such musical drive and such unity throughout the piece. I feel I’ve heard transformations of an element through gaseous and solid states, and that in the end, a spirit has become one with the voices which called to it in the beginning.”

Beyond has a street release date of September 27, at which time it will be available from online and retail stores. Beyond is available for purchase online directly from Innova.

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