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Berklee College of Music has introduced a new class, Hip-Hop Writing and Production. Students learn the techniques that hip-hop producers use to create hit songs.

“Learn writing and production considerations unique to hip-hop, how to analyze and recreate different styles of hip-hop, and how to use this foundation to produce your own songs using Propellerhead’s Reason software.”

Students learn to:

  • Use writing and production criteria to analyze and recreate hip-hop songs
  • Program drum beats and loops using Propellerhead’s Reason software
  • Create bass, guitar, keyboard, and horn parts for hip-hop arrangements
  • Use proper mic placement and production techniques for recording rap vocals
  • Apply hip-hop mixing and mastering techniques to songs

The class is a 12-week, 3 credit class.

More information is available at the Berklee site.

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