Synthogy Ivory Now Available on PC

Ilio has announced a PC version of Ivory, Synthogy’s piano plug-in. The pristine sound of the German Steinway D 9’ Concert Grand, Bosendorfer 290 Imperial Grand, and Yamaha C7 Grand Pianos can now be heard in VST and RTAS environments, both under Windows XP and Mac OS 9 or OS X.

Besides porting their custom-built piano engine to another platform, the team around Joe Ierardi and George Taylor have extended the library with two additional velocity layers on each piano. All 88 keys are now individually sampled in up to 10 dynamic levels, including the Bosendorfer’s extended low octave. This adds up to over 40 GB of stereo samples in 32 bits. On top of that, the proprietary noise reduction even improves the fidelity of the core library.

All current registered users of Ivory will be eligible to upgrade to the new version. For users who purchased the original Ivory on or after April 1st, 2005, the upgrade will be free (excluding shipping). For users who purchased the original Ivory before April 1st, 2005, the upgrade will be only $39 (plus possible tax and shipping). This upgrade will be available directly through ILIO.

Ivory is distributed worldwide by ILIO.

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