Add Rust to Your Music

More RustHAO Handbuilt Effects has released their 2nd limited edition pedal — the Rust Booster II. Designed in conjunction with HAO’s growing artist roster, the RB-2 is a very different animal from the company’s standard production Rust Booster.

Featuring a more detailed distortion effect with an increased operating range and a warmer, fatter tone, the RB-2 is ideal for use with single-coil guitars to thicken up their sound, according to HAO. Humbuckers will also benefit from the RB-2’s healthy amount of gain, which mimics the tone of a cranked Fender Blackface Twin. A wide variety of saturation effects can be achieved, from clean boost to tube-like overdrive.

Featuring the company’s trademark hammer-tone finish and hand painted graphics, the RB-2 also offers HAO’s new custom chassis, which is slightly larger and heavier than a standard Hammond enclosure and features a 3 degree angle to the top that allows easier access to the controls.

Like all HAO models, the RB-2 features true bypass switching using a 3PDT, an ultra-bright status LED and 9-volt or AC adapter power options.

A limited-production model, only 100 pieces of the RB-2 will be built and sold into the USA market. Each unit is signed and numbered and features a three-year parts and labor warranty. The Rust Booster II is available exclusively from the Godlyke, Inc.

MSRP: $250. Expected street price: $199.

Source: Godlyke

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