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Korg OasysKorg has announced OASYS software version 1.10, which includes the first OASYS Expansion Instrument (EXi) update, the STR-1 Plucked String.

The STR-1 represents an advancement in physical modeling, building on over a decade of Korg’s research with new innovations exclusive to OASYS. This new OS also adds support for up to 2 GB of memory, as well as some new enhancements to the OASYS voice architecture.

The EXi

The STR-1 Plucked String is a physical model which allows you to pluck, strike, scrape or otherwise “excite” the string with 16 different “pluck” types, noise, or any of the onboard or RAM-based PCM waveforms.

The string itself utilizes an advanced, highly controllable design, with modeling of both physical materials and playing style (including damping, dispersion, nonlinearity, harmonics and more). An audio input through the STR-1 provides modeled feedback, for incredibly realistic interaction between the “instrument” and the “amplifier.” The string timbre can then be shaped further by using many OASYS voice elements like filters, LFOs, a step-sequencer, Vector control and more, as well as layering with any other EXi (including using two STR-1s together).

This comprehensive set of synthesis tools makes the STR-1 capable of creating both traditional sounds (acoustic and electric guitars and basses, clavinets and harpsichords, harps, bells, electric pianos, ethnic instruments, etc.) and unique, experimental timbres. Since it’s based on physical modeling, sounds can expressively change their tone in ways that are impossible for sample-based sound generators to imitate.

This new EXi has a retail value of $299, but Korg is offering it free of charge to all current and future OASYS owners.

New Voice Enhancements

OS Version 1.10 also offers some new additions to the OASYS. The most anticipated is support for up to 2 GB of memory. By adding a 1 GB DIMM memory module, users can keep both the EXs1 and EXs2 expansion libraries in memory at the same time, with room for almost 700 MB of samples still available. Alternatively, by not loading either EXs library, approximately 1.5 GB of sample RAM will be available for loading new sounds or creating their own custom samples.

A new type of AMS Mixer (Alternate Modulation Source) has been added, supplementing the OASYS’ already vast offering of AMS choices. The new Gate AMS Mixer lets you set up two different AMS sources (or fixed AMS amounts), and then switch between the two using a third AMS source.

Other enhancements include the ability to set a pedal to control Inc/Dec navigation, so you can move through Programs, Combinations or even change Sequencer tracks “hands-free,” and the ability to filter out half-damping when using a sustain pedal on non-piano sounds.

OS Version 1.10 will be available in early December.

More information is available at the Korg site.

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