Korg BeatLab Digital Metronome

Korg BeatLabNAMM 2006 Winter Show Update: Korg is expanding its offerings with the new BeatLab (BTL-1) Digital Metronome. Designed for use by all instrumentalists, BeatLab also contains tools that make it easy for drummers and percussionists to practice a variety of rhythms and styles, including the ability to use preprogrammed rudiments or user-programmable rhythms.

BeatLab Features

  • Training function with 39 standard patterns such as roll, paradiddle and flam for practicing snare drum rudiments or for marching band practice.
  • Sound and LED cue indicators that help users perfect the timing of right and left-hand strokes (patterns can begin on either the right or the left hand).
  • Selectable rhythms from 1/4 notes through 1/16 notes (plus triplets) at up to nine strikes per beat.
  • Program mode for building simple or complex user-defined practice patterns with provision for a wide range of rhythmic complexity.
  • Twenty-four programmable presets for tempo, beat and each rhythm sound’s volume.
  • Chain mode that can memorize eight chains (with up to 16 programmed patterns each).
  • Support for tempos from 30 to 300 BPM, as well as a Tap Tempo function.
  • Built-in speaker (with adjustable volume) plus a headphone jack for silent practice.
  • Intuitive user interface consisting of convenient sliders, numeric keys and parameter select keys, as well as a backlit display.
  • Portable operation using four AAA alkaline batteries or AC adapter.

The Korg BeatLab is currently available with a U.S. MSRP of $150.

More information is available at the Korg site.

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