NAMM Weirdness: Ralph the Wonder Mount

Ralph the Wonder Mount2006 NAMM Winter Show: Blue Microphones seems to be doing its best to make mundane things interesting, with the introduction of Ralph – the Wonder Mount, a new shock mount designed for many popular recording microphones.

Ralph was designed to be an effective and inexpensive alternative or replacement shock mount for any mic with a diameter of 19.88mm-22mm. Precision crafted of solid brass, this shock mount is well suited to Blue’s Baby Bottle microphone as well as many other popular recording mics by AKG, Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser and Shure.

Employing an aesthetically unique design which has become a Blue calling-card, this custom mount is also designed for results and built to last. Ralph’s wrap-around design and suspension bands hold the mic out in front of the stand, positioning it directly in front of the sound source, helping to further eliminate low-frequency rumble generated by floor resonance or bumping the stand. It’s elegant, simple design also make mic changes and cable connections quick and easy.

Ralph the Wonder Mount is compatible with:

  • ADK SC-1/SC-2/SC-T
  • AKG 414 models
  • Audio-Technica 4041a/4049a/4051a/4053a
  • Audix SCX-25
  • Beyerdynamics MC 930,
  • Earthworks SR71/77/78/Z30X
  • Groove Tubes GT-33/44
  • M-Audio Pulsar
  • Microtech Gefell M294/295/296/300/SMS 2000
  • Okatava MC 012/101
  • Sennheiser K6
  • Shure KSM137/KSM141/SM 81/SM63
  • Taylr Hohendahl Engineering THE KR-33A/KR-2W/ KR-25A/KR-1F/KR-2C/TT-3M

Ralph the Wonder Mount currently available for $149 MSRP.

More information is available at the Blue Mic site.

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