NAMM: Zeit Mega-Sequencer Sighting

The Zeit Step Sequencer is a long-anticipated project from Infection Music. It was announced, long ago, along with several other Berlin-school themed mega-sequencers, including the Phaedra and the Atem.

The Zeit made its US debut at the 2006 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, California at the synth orgy known as the Analog Haven booth.

Zeit Sequencer

Unfortunately, it was not in action, because it had just arrived the previous day.

It looks like it will be an impressive option for synthesists wanting a big, knob-infested analog-style interface for working with sequences.


  • Eight concurrent sequences
  • Three channels per sequence (Pitch, Controller One, Controller Two)
  • Each channel has independant :

Master On/Off switch
Start Step
End Step
Active Steps pattern
Skipped Steps pattern

  • Directions available :

… plus four cyclic modes (Root, Random, Epicyclic, Cylic3, Cyclic4)

  • Each sequence has independant :

LFO (6 waveforms, rate, master depth, time offset, depth offset, sync to tempo)
Sweep Generator (Start, Target and End Levels with Transit time)
Clock Source (1/8, 1/4, 1/2, Normal, 2x, 4x, 8x)
Master on/off enable
Effects Send (currently pitch channel only)
Force-to-Scale send
Real-time transpose from keyboard

  • LFO/Sweep Generator can be routed to :

Note Pitch
Note Velocity
Controller One
Controller Two

  • Effects Processor :

Repeat Count (1..16 repeats)
Echo time (milliseconds and MIDI clocks)
Sync Delay to Tempo
Note Shift (+/- 24 semitones)
Velocity Shift
MIDI Channel
Master on/off switch

  • Force-to-Scale :

16 factory defined scales (Major, Minor, Japanese, Turkish, Blues etc)
16 user defined scales

  • Internal memory :

64 Sequence memories
64 Patch memories

  • Controller Bank :

Controller one and controller two strips can be configured as independant
16 channel remote controllers (MIDI Mixer, synth editor etc) with
16 controller bank memories

  • Additional features

Step time input
Tap Tempo input
Unique sequence morph facility
16 Quick Select memory locations (Sequence, Patch, Controller, Scale)
Internal/External sync (with MIDI clock forwarding)
Edit Hold
Tape transport style controls
24 x 2 character VFD display
External Control (Sys-ex, MIDI CC)
MIDI software updates
Tape transport style controls
Available in Standard and Retro finishes. Custom cases will be considered.

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