Pigtronix Intros OFO Disnortion Effects Pedal

Pigtronix distortion pedalPigtronix has introduced the the OFO Disnortion (Overdrive, Fuzz and Octava) pedal.


The Overdrive, Fuzz and Octava, used in combination yield amazing distortion. Because the Overdrive and Fuzz are wired in parallel, you can run both effects without sacrificing clarity or dynamic response. Well-voiced tone and shape controls make it easy to focus each effect on it’s own frequency range. The three effects can also be used independently.

Here are some of the features of each effect:

Overdrive – The Pigtronix Overdrive responds to the dynamics of your playing using a proprietary, 5-stage gain architecture that retains the natural tone of your instrument, while gradually breaking up as you play louder.

Fuzz – Massive gain, full bodied sustain and flexible tone shapes define this FUZZ effect. Pigtronix unique version of diode-clipping provides plenty of compression and controllable feedback while preserving the nuance of your playing style. The rotary tone control switch provides 6 musical EQ curves: Bass, Scoop, Treble, Smooth, F.A.T., and Full Range.

Octava – This frequency doubler effect makes the notes you play sound one octave up. A Filter control allows you to achieve singing octave up tones without adjusting your guitar’s tone control. Stable intervals such as 4ths and power chords result in knarly, tweezed out grind, while other intervals create ring-modulator textures in all registers. The Octava is wired in series with the other two effects for harmonic-filled lead tones and outlandish, bizarre crunch.

Combine the Octava with both Fuzz and Overdrive and experience the Pigtronix commitment to three original flavors of outrageously F.A.T Analog Disnortion.

More information is available at the Pigtronix site.

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