TheAirtightGarage Intros BunnyMkII Amp.

bunny ampTheAirtightGarage has introduced the BunnyMkII amplifier, a small form factor amplifier using a single ten inch speaker. It is of minimalist design, having only a single channel and a single volume control.

The amplifier puts out 18 watts of class A single ended power via two L6GCs. One tube can be pulled to bring the power down to around 10 watts. The amp is self biasing, and mached pairs are not needed. The BunnyMkII is also capable of running 6V6GT output tubes for reduced output power and a change in tone, again with no adjustments needed. The front end is tube driven utilizing a single 12ax7.

This is not your papas small clone single ended amp. This amp is very loud for its size, does not give up when hammered and tends to like pedals very much. It growls without barking.

The BunnyMkII comes standard in cypress with a Weber ceramic speaker and 6L6GCs. Options are available upon request.

TheAirtightGarage is a boutique amplifier builder that creates new amps with vintage feel and sound.

For more information see the BunnyMkII at TheAirtightGarage.

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