Free Trance Music From NeXuS

NeXuSMarch 01: It’s free electronic music month at Synthtopia.

All month, we’re going to help you kick the RIAA habit by highlighting great electronic music that’s available for free on the Internet.

We’re getting things started with a free CD of trance tracks, Trance Planet, by the French techno/trance group, NeXuS.

NeXuS has release several CDs under a Creative Commons license – which means you’re free to download and share it.

Check out U-Boot for a taste of NeXuS’ sound, and if you like it, you can download the full Trance Planet CD for free.

4 thoughts on “Free Trance Music From NeXuS

  1. what a freak’n great idea. Thanks and I checked out their music. It’s fantastic. I’m going to add one of their songs in my next podcast. Thanks.

  2. Dismay

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Yeah – we’re tired of people griping about the fact you can’t get Justin Timberlake or Eagles Greatest Hits without DRM. So we’re going to take a month to explore all the cool free electronic music and the musicians that are sharing it.

    Watch the free electronic music month index for more throughout the month, and if you can, give it a link to spread the word.


  3. Indeed, nice tracks by NeXus – i like the idea of jamendo to publish music under Creative Commons license. There are a view tracks of softbuster since two days aswell 😉

  4. hey guys which is the best pro program that is out there? Trance and dance mix but w so many mix and new sounds in it? for example tiesto , atb style which programs do they use?

    thanks guys.

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