Free Music Month: Electronic Music From Jeff Harrington

Espace - the music of Jeff HarringtonMarch 02: It’s free electronic music month at Synthtopia.

All month, we’re going to help you kick the RIAA habit by highlighting great electronic music that’s available for free on the Internet.

Jeff Harrington is a classically-trained composer, a programmer and an advocate of music technology.

He has dozens of musical works, ranging from piano pieces to complete electronic works, available for free download from his site. For many pieces, he also provides the scores as Adobe Acrobat downloads.

Harrington describes his music as “tonal and intensely contrapuntal, inspired by New Orleans and classical music traditions.”

Espace, Harrington’s 2nd completely electronic album, is a collection of slow, sometimes brooding works, employing granular resynthesis and time warping of timbres. The music should appeal to fans of ambient music, space music and classical music alike.

The track High Noon, below, uses “a physically modelled shakuhachi in deep resonant space to explore virtuosic gestures.”

You can learn more about Harrington and download the complete Espace CD at Harrington’s site.

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