Line 6 Announces Floor POD Plus; Now Guitarist Can Geek Out Like Keyboardists

Floor Pod Plus

Line 6 announced at Winter NAMM the Floor POD Plus, the latest addition to their POD line. Floor POD Plus offers all the features of the studio-standard POD 2.0, along with additional premium effects in a road-ready floor pedal with real time foot controls.

Floor POD Plus can be used as a multi-effect unit in front of any guitar amp or PA, a complete direct to the board recording tone solution, or the ultimate headphone practice partner.

“Since 1998, POD has appeared on countless platinum-selling records,” explained Mike Murphy, Associate Product Manager, Line 6. “With Floor POD Plus, the guitarist can have all of those proven tones right at their feet in a package that’s ideal for the stage.” Floor POD Plus comes loaded with 32 amp models and 16 cab models that can be mixed and matched for ultimate tonal versatility.
In addition, the guitarist now has access to 6 delay models, full-time compressor, and 20 other effects including choruses, flangers, reverbs, sub-octave, and synth. Floor POD Plus also features 120 custom-crafted presets, onboard tuner, CD/MP3 input, MIDI in/out, and much more.

Floor POD Plus MSRP: $419.99

10 thoughts on “Line 6 Announces Floor POD Plus; Now Guitarist Can Geek Out Like Keyboardists

  1. I received this after noon a brand new Line 6 Floor POD Plus that I bought on line in the States. There where none available to try in my area of Sherbrooke – Quebec – Canada.

    I play an old Fender Telecaster plug into a vintage (1973) and completely rebuild Fender Vibrolux Reverb. The only problem of this set-up, it give me a very good sound but a very clean sound whit out the possibility to overdrive the amp to get a nice tube overdrive sound, unless you crank the volume knob to 4 or 5, but this is impossible for me living in a apartment.

    So I ordered the Floor POD Plus and what a deception. This is rip off from Line 6 that created and sell shit to a hi price. OK, the board is a nice looking one, the publicity made by Meat Loaf (he lies and cheat like a politician) claim that the floor board offer you thousand of different “fantastic” sound, but I did not find one sound that I can call “decent”.

    This is the worst peace of crap I ever ear in my life, I don’t understand that the engineers at Line 6 created such a bad peace of equipment. I will never “ever” buy Line 6 product in my life, I have my lesson today and I hate to throw 450.00 Canadian dollars in the garbage like I did. I used to love Meat Loaf band, now I hate him for his lies (he must have received a lot of money from Line 6 to cheat and lies like he did).

    Jean GODBOUT

  2. First of all, you HAVE to question the peerspective of this reviewer. He is reviewing this using the “Meatloaf” band as his meterstick of sound. That in itself should raise a red flag that this person has no clue what he is babbling about.

    Second, I purchased one after owning the POD 2.0 edition. Line 6 does have a great product but is in a plateau where it can’t create new innovations one could call “next generation”. It is stuck reissuing the same technology.

    In the case of the Floor POD Plus, you get a lot for what you pay for. It can be used as a direct to mixer recording solution,also can be used as a multi-effects pedal board by bypassing the amplifier simulator, and finally it is THE ultimate headphone practice amp simulator.

    It has faithfully recreated more amp models (32 different amps) and it lets you choose which “cabinet” you can play through; 1×8″, 1×10″, 1×12″, 2×12″, 4×12″, etc. Literally hundreds of combinations.

    6 different delays, 16 modulations effects, noise gate, a few different reverbs and a volume/wah pedal.

    It offers twice the functionality that the original POD 2.0 had but not much in inovation of new technology.

    The sounds it makes are the same as other PODs but because there are more settings to adjust it’s not as plug-and-play at the simpler PODs.

    I bought this unit a month ago from Florida Music supply for $259 with free shipping and I don’t feel like I paid too miuch or was a waste of money.

    Buy this if you know PODs and want to explore more with their products. Don’t buy this if you think you’re going to sound like “Meatloaf”.

    Meatloaf sucks A$$ !!!

    Who the hell listens to that anyway and why are they allowed to review things.

    what a jack-hole knuck!

  3. i bought this thing and it took me awshile to figure it out, i bet the first guy didnt even know how to use it properly its nice a little too much cash but still not too shabby love the wah and the swell plus the ronald mcdonald tone is great

  4. Floorpod plus is a very good & affordable piece of equipment.My guitar is a yamaha RGX 420,Jackson PS1 & fender squier.To make my floorpod works well on the banks,I have done some volume calibration and fine tuning to have my own sound settings,this I have also done for my Boss ME,ZOOM 707 & Korg AX100. But I like the floorpod better because it has MORE banks.At home i use a line 6 spider 30 watts.Some of the gigs ,I ever tried plugging in to a Marshall JVM & MG Series and is very cool.The best part is when I had no choice but to plug directly to a PA system, and yes no humming even on Hi Gain distortion sounds.Actually If only line 6 Engineers would add a beat box or a metronome would be more cooler!

  5. First of all holy crap people if you cant figure the dam thing out its called a manual. Second i used the first day i got it, it was pretty sweet if you werent able to find any nice sounds then you must be playing some retard music im useing a line 6 spider3 75watt in my room now i can say that some of it has to do with the kind of amp your useing weather im running it direct or through an amp or both it sounds pretty good. It Being affordable im in AZ i got mine for 197$ brand new no crap problems with it Jean Godbout at the top of the list sounds like an adoit ” it sucks and i used canadian money wee” gues what guy live in America then. Third this thing has some awsome sound if it doesnt work for you then buy a better amp to add to the freaken awsomeness of this thing. also you should be useing some crapy guitar on this thing either it doesnt diserve it. it is a nice peice of guitar equipment you just need to read the manual.

  6. hey guys pod plus is good . it depends how u use the effect pedal, if u know better u will enjoy it other wise u wont know how to deal with , as simple as that,
    i m more into metal so i ve attached extra – metal zone pedal ,
    so learn first how to use the effect pedal and then make a comment

  7. help! i'm having a hard time calibrating the wah/volume pedal! i tried following the instructions to the detail but it still wont work. help guys please!

  8. help! i'm having a hard time calibrating the wah/volume pedal! i tried following the instructions to the detail but it still wont work. help guys please!

  9. HOW, exactly, do you bypass the AMP Sim on the Floor POD Plus? I just want to use it as a F/X Pedalboard. That information is nowhere in the Lione6 manual. Every post I read says that “You CAN turn off the AMP Sim on a Floor POD Plus!” But nobody ever posts how to do just that! Please Respond. Anybody?

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