Source Audio Debuts Hot Hand Wireless Adapter

Hot Hand

One of the more interesting new technologies shown at NAMM this year was the Hot Hand Motion-Controlled effects system.

Hot Hand lets you use hand gestures to control key functions such as Speed and Depth in tandem with the company’s proprietary motion-controlled Hot Hand Wah Filters and Phaser/Flanger effects consoles. While targeted towards guitarists, the effects systems could be equally effective with synths and dj setups.

Compatible with all Hot Hand systems, the Hot Hand Wireless Adapter can be used in addition to the wired sensor and consists of a wireless motion sensor ring unit and a small receiver that plugs directly into the back of the Hot Hand effects console in the Sensor In port. The RF transmitter is capable of transmitting over 100 feet and up to four units can be used on stage at a time without interference. Licensed for worldwide wireless use, the wireless motion sensor ring features a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that provides up to 8 hours of battery life and recharges in one hour.

Hot Hand Wah Filters offers musicians 11 “wah” type filter effects with 56-bit DSP co-developed with Analog Devices, Inc. and crystal clear 24 bit converters for truly exceptional sound quality. The elegant, high quality user interface allows players to easily control the frequency of the wah and the sensitivity of the effects by using different hand and body motions so they can create signature sounds all their own.

The motion-controlled Phaser/Flanger system features 7 Phasing effects, 7 Flanging effects and 4 Modulation Sources that can be used in combination for a total of 56 different sounds. These can be further modified using the Hot Hand motion sensor, which allows the player to modify each effect with hand and body motions, an LFO, Envelope Follower and on-board 81-pattern Sequencer.

Hot Hand Wah Filters and Phaser/Flanger were created so that guitarists can manipulate effects tailored to their particular playing style and also create new sounds without being limited by traditional floor-mounted pedal effects. This new approach to controlling effects also opens up the possibility for a whole new level of physical expression and showmanship in live performances. The movement of the hand or body when playing becomes the expression pedal.

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