Cerrone Wants To Save The Disco!

Save The DiscoDisco Legend Jean-Marc Cerrone has launched a new monthly event in New York City, Save the Disco!.

According to Cerrone, Save the Disco! is not another cheesy Disco Night, but rather, a true celebration of the genre’s glory days and how it’s influenced modern dance and electronic music.

“Conceptually, we’ll embark on a journey where artists from different musical backgrounds will join NYC talent DJ Angola (resident DJ for Sweet Spot events and also Recall Lab parties at Hiro Ballroom) to become ONE for a night: from Afro Disco oldies and chosen 80’s tunes to Funky House beats and bad ass San Francisco Deep House.”

Each month guests attending the event will have the privilege to welcome artists such as Lisa Shaw (scheduled down to perform Thursday, March 8), Sharon Jones and Jay-J, who are already booked. Dressed up staff, themed décor, drag queens and unique performances are planned for each month.

The goal of Save the Disco! is to build a regular party where guests become participants rather than spectators. Guests are highly encouraged to show up with the most extravagant 70s’ outfit – Afros and bell bottoms pants are a must-have!

More info at the Save the Disco! MySpace.

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