Lava Cable Releases Sexy Tweed Vintage-Style Cable

vintage cableLava Cable, a custom audio cable shop in Fayetteville, NC, has released the Lava ELC Tweed, a special vintage braided version of its high-end guitar and instrument cable – The Lava ELC (Extreme Low Capacitance).

At 15 pF per foot, it has the lowest capacitance of any guitar cable on the market. Every aspect of this cable was designed with the guitar and bass player in mind to provide for low microphonics, reliability, and superior frequency response. Neutrik straight and G&H right angle plugs are used and each cable is assembled using German-made WBT Silver Solder.

The new Lava ELC Tweed retails at $79.95 for a 20 foot cable.

As with all Lava Cable products, numerous custom length and connector options are available.

The specifications of the cable are:

Conductor: 20 awg stranded 99.999% pure OFC copper, Insulation: Foamed PE, Electro-static: Conductive PVC, Shield: 98% coverage 99.999% pure OFC copper, Final jacket: Black PVC .315 diameter with tweed braid, Capacitance: 15 pf/FT.

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