Free Ambient Music From Kernel32

Kernel32March 12: It’s free electronic music month at Synthtopia. Every day this month, we’re looking outside the mainstream music industry and highlighting great electronic music that’s available for free on the Internet.

Little Things Count is a free CD of minimal ambient electronica by Kernel32. It’s released on OpenLab Records, a label that releases music under a Creative Commons license, which means you can legally download and share it.

Description: “There are some things that my friends have done for me in the past.. not huge favours or anything, just said somethin or done something nice for me and i always look back and remember it. that’s where the title comes from. This album might be dedicated to my friends… there are tracks on it that mean different things to me. The period i wrote the album in was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, some days i’d be a bit depressed and fragile, some days i’d be happy. So thats where the general mood of the album comes from. My music start off as mind and develop a little into instinct i think.”

You can preview Little Things Count below.

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