EastWest Releases Quantum Leap SD 2 Next-Generation Virtual Percussion Instrument

Quantum Leap SD2EastWest introduces Quantum Leap SD2 – The Next Generation virtual instrument, the sequel to Stormdrum.

Packed with approximately 10GB of percussion, SD2 – The Next Generation draws from the secret collections of three world-class percussionists, offering some of the most amazing multi-sampled percussion imaginable.

SD2 – The Next Generation does not offer loops. Instead, the collection delivers MIDI performances created with Roland V-Drums and Zendrum percussion controllers. This allows the user to change anything, with absolutely no sound degradation. MIDI performances are pre-mixed, panned and produced for quick use.

Additionally, SD2 – The Next Generation offers 100 film score-oriented MIDI performances, each with dozens of variations, intros and endings ranging from bombastic to hypnotic. The SD2 software allows for millions of variations of each MIDI performance and enables users to change sequence tempo, enhance tone, add effects, alter dynamics, create unique rhythms, and mute or replace specific sounds.

All recordings were made with vintage Neumann microphones in the famous EASTWEST STUDIO 1, providing that unmistakable Hollywood soundstage vibe and a sound far beyond any other commercial percussion library. Superior reverb impulses are included, recorded by Prof. Keith O. Johnson and Nick Phoenix.

Key sounds featured in SD2 – The Next Generation include:

  • Tibetan, Indian and Chinese bells and gongs
  • bowed gongs and bowls
  • Indonesian hand drums
  • Anklung, Udu, and Chinese bowl drums
  • 5-foot O Daiko

SD2 – The Next Generation also features typical drums like congas and bongos, finally recorded in a way that does the instruments justice.

A huge collection of original sound design percussion includes:

  • Earthquake Ensemble
  • Devil Chasers
  • Whale Drum
  • An 80-foot metal bridge
  • Giant Log Drums
  • Godzilla Toms
  • Brushed Percussion
  • The biggest floor tom on earth, specifically built for this project by Remo

Quantum Leap SD2 – The Next Generation carries a $495 MSRP.

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