Notation Software Releases Notation Musician 2.0 and Notation Composer 2.0

Notation Musician 2.0 and Composer 2.0 offer casual musicians new ways to music – both sheet music and audio:

  • Start with music you find on the Internet (tens of thousands of free MIDI files).
  • Customize and arrange the music to fit your or your group’s particular needs -fake book lead sheets, custom parts (which stay connected with the main score), instruments or voices in your group, easy-notes for learning.
  • Use Composer to compose from scratch as well – it’s designed to help you compose, not just print music you’ve already written.

Notation Musician

  • Follow the musical notes on your screen as you listen to the music, and print your own sheet music for performance.
  • Set up practice loops, change lyrics, transpose to suit your instrument or vocal range, and use Musician as your accompanist.
  • Learn musical notation by watching the notes as you listen to familiar songs.

Notation Composer
Composer has all the features of Musician, and additionally

  • Extensively and intuitively edit the musical notation – Composer gracefully places music symbols so you can concentrate on your creativity.
  • Produce clearly written sheet music to share with others.
  • Add and edit notes, including performance aspects such as volume, tempo, and other areas easily in a graph that overlays the notation. You can see and hear exactly where you edit the performance.
  • Create music using an electronic keyboard, or a computer keyboard and mouse, depending on which method you are most comfortable with.

Notation Composer and Notation Musician run on Windows 98, 2000, ME, and XP (Vista support is coming soon). Notation Musician 2.0 ($49.9 5USD) and Notation Composer 2.0 ($149.95 USD) can now be purchased online.

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