Adds Playalong Tracks for Jazz Drummers and Percussionists

Play Jazz, a website featuring downloadable play-along tracks for instrumentalists and vocalists, has announced the addition of play-along tracks for jazz drummers and percussionists. The site already offers tracks for keyboardists, so one can download backing tracks for pretty to practice any role in a jazz ensemble.

Since its inception last June, PlayJazzNow.Com has offered downloadable play-along tracks for jazz musicians who want to hone their improvisation skills by working out with a live trio. Now it aims to reach out specifically to drummers and percussionists who want to master the rhythmic, stylistic, and formal elements of jazz. has created sets of tracks geared to beginning, intermediate and advanced percussionists. Drummers can now play along with the rhythm team of piano and bass without the clutter of a pre-existing drum track. Students of jazz can practice a wide range of rhythmic styles, including swing, jazz waltz, bossa, samba, 6/8, 5/4 and ballad. Each style is available in a variety of tempos, which employ standard forms such as 12-bar blues, 32-bar AABA form, plus the less common 16- and 24-bar forms. offers jazz play-alongs that are different from the CD/book sets of play-along tunes sold elsewhere. tracks consist of chord progressions – turnarounds and forms that occur in all types of standards and jazz compositions.

With the addition of tracks created specifically for drummers and percussionists, now has tracks that all instrumentalists can use to improve their skills as soloists and accompanists.

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