Free Audio Analysis Tool Released

Sonic Visualiser Audio Analysis Tool Version 1.0 Released

Version 1.0 of Sonic Visualiser, an application for viewing and analysing the contents of music audio files, is now available.

Sonic Visualiser contains advanced waveform and spectrogram viewers, as well as editors for many sorts of audio annotations. Besides visualisation, it can make and play selections based on the locations of automatically detected features, seamlessly loop playback of single or multiple noncontiguous regions, synthesise annotations for playback, and slow down playback while retaining display synchronisation.

Sonic Visualiser supports the Vamp plugin API for plugins that extract descriptive or analytical data from audio. Vamp plugins for onset, pitch and note detection and tempo tracking using the Aubio library are available, as well as further plugins for tempo tracking, chromagram analysis, constant-Q spectrogram, spectral centroid, power curve, key estimation, tonal change detection, harmonic spectrogram, and a large number of low-level spectral features. There is also a comprehensive SDK for use by developers of Vamp plugins and hosts.

Sonic Visualiser is Free Software distributed under the GNU General Public License. The 1.0 release is available now in source code form or as binaries for Linux, OS/X, and Windows.

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