Audiofile Updates Spectre Audio Analysis Suite

On Friday, music technology company Audiofile announced an update to Spectre, their real-time audio analysis suite for OS X. Spectre features 20 different multi-channel and multi-trace meters including Level, VU, Spectrograph, Oscilloscope, Spectrogram, LU and LU History. Along with an extensive performance upgrade, Spectre’s updated meters are easier to configure, and are “Retina-ready” and optimized… Read More Audiofile Updates Spectre Audio Analysis Suite

Bias Intros Peak Studio

BIAS today unveiled Peak Studio — a new edition of their audio editing, mastering, and delivery software for Mac OS X. Peak Studio will include Peak Pro 7, along with a suite of tools for multi-channel mixing, mastering, restoration, streamlined analog archiving, and more. Here’s an overview of what’s in BIAS Peak Studio:

Propellerhead Record

Propellerhead Software, the makers of Reason, are introducing a new audio app that offers a new approach to recording music, according to Peter Kirn at CDM: Record is an audio recording program, Propellerhead co-founder Ernst Nathorst-Böös, but “This program has nothing to do with audio. It’s all about music… We wanted this to be about… Read More Propellerhead Record