Announces “Pro Tools Tips and Tricks with Kenny Gioia” Announces has announced a new option for Pro Tools training, Pro Tools Tips and Tricks with Kenny Gioia.

Containing 40 video tutorials and running over 3 hours in length, the collection of video tutorials covers topics such as Mixing, Production and Utilities. The collection reveals techniques used by professional Pro Tools engineer Kenny Gioia to get great sounding tracks, create tight loops and rhythm parts, and create cool effects.


  • Beat Detective Collection Mode
  • Kick Drum Replacement
  • Snare Drum Replacement
  • Stuttering Guitars
  • Scratching in Pro Tools
  • Recording Background Vocals
  • Comping Vocals
  • Using Mono Delays
  • -Wah Effect
  • Advanced Markers
  • Making a Vocoder
  • De-Essing Vocals

Pro Tools Tips and Tricks with Kenny Gioia is available on CD-ROM or as a digital download directly from

The product is expected to ship by July 1st. Order yours before the ship date for $39.99, which is a 20% savings of the regular price. You may also purchase an online membership to view Kenny’s tutorials exclusively for $14.99 a month.

Additionally, Groovebox is offering several full-version videos from Kenny’s collection free via their website. Registration is required.

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