Debuts Four How-To DVD Titles Debuts First Four How-To DVD Titles for Pro Tools LE, SoundForge 8, GarageBand, & Digital Performer, a subscription-based, on-demand music and audio software training website, has announced the release of its first four how-to Foundations Series DVD titles on music production software: Pro Tools LE 7.0, SoundForge 8, GarageBand and MOTU Digital Performer.

SoundForge 9 and Finale 2007 are currently in production and more titles will follow monthly.

The site offers a $19/month option for access to the videos, or a $199 annual option.
Here’s the descriptions for each of the new training series:


Pro Tools LE offers everything you need to create music affordably and with professional results. Pro Tools is widely used by professionals in music production, postproduction, TV and film scoring and serves as the defacto standard in said industries. Jeff Dykhouse, veteran audio engineer, takes a comprehensive look at each aspect of this powerful program. With the HA! QuickSTART Overview, you get the needed edge to be up and running quickly.

Sound Forge is considered the industry standard for audio software professionals who want to create and edit digital audio files with absolute speed and precision. Acclaimed for its power, stability, and no-nonsense interface, it’s the fastest way to get from raw audio to finished master. Sound Forge software contains everything you need to analyze, record and edit audio, produce music loops, digitize and clean-up old recordings, model acoustic environments, create streaming media and master replication-ready CDs. This training will help you master the basics and beyond. focuses on the powerful SoundForge Audio Editor, professional audio recording techniques, obtaining pristine audio quality, achieving professional audio effects and learning the audio restoration tools.

GarageBand is a software application developed by Apple that allows users to easily compose, perform and record their own music. In this tutorial learn just how easy it is to turn your Mac into a fully featured recording studio. Jeff Dykhouse walks you through mastering the interface, learning basic recording techniques, arranging a song, recording live instruments/vocals, editing and mixing tracks, adding special effects, podcasting and distributing your GarageBand compositions via the Internet or CD.

Veteran audio engineer Les Brockmann demonstrates that even though MOTU Digital Performer was originally designed for professional studio production, film scoring, live performance and remixing, that with DP’s advanced features and an intuitive streamlined design, it can be easily utilized for professional results for all levels of users from home recording enthusiasts to world-class recording studios. Les demonstrates how to record live instruments, record and import MIDI files, sequence and edit your finished project for export in a variety of different file formats.

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