Hands On With The Tenori-On

Peter Peck of Yamaha gives a demo of the Tenori-On at the official UK Launch in London on Sept 4, 2007:

Here, Toshio Iwai, the creator of the Tenori-On, gives a demo of the new music gizmo:

While the Tenori-On may have a cramped user interface with limited expressive capabilities and primitive sound manipulation options, it’s got great blinky lights going for it.

Based on the introduction, it looks like the Tenori-On just went from being one of the most widely anticipated new music tools in recent history to being the most expensive ($1200) musical video game ever.

Composer Gary Kibler shares his more favorable first impressions of the Tenori-On over at CDM. He thinks the Tenori-On is important, but isn’t sure why.

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