NAMM Show: Five New Funk Sample Collections

BandmateLoops announced its newest content partner Inspiration Sounds and released five new Funk Style loop collections today.

The Inspiration Sounds — Funked Up loop collection is divided into five ultra-expressive instrument sets. These include: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Horn, Vocals and Percussion. All five sets can also be purchased together (Complete version) at a significant discount.

Funked Up applies top recording technology and talent, featuring world-class players such as internationally renowned Cliff Moore (one of the UK’s finest guitarists). Two of the UK’s top Horn players performed on trumpet and saxophone. All performances were captured in ProTools HD (TDM) through Focusrite Class A Preamps. Inspiration Sounds — Funked Up currently supports Acidized Wave.

Inspiration Sounds — Funked Up loop sets are available 24/7 via electronic delivery from $19.95 to $49.95 each USD. The Complete version featuring all five sets is just $99.95.

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