NAMM Show: Stanton DJ Intros Tabletop CD Player

Stanton C.324

At the 2008 Winter NAMM Show, Stanton DJ announced the release of the C.324, the company’s newest slot loading tabletop CD player for the professional DJ.

The Stanton C.324 is designed for digital DJs who want to scratch CDs like vinyl. It features MP3 and CD audio playback with onboard file and folder browsing, onboard pattern and real-time sequencer for drum machine style performances, seven on board digital effects, and a sleek slot loading CD mechanism with LED for quick loading of CDs into the unit in low light situations.

The C.324 has added responsive trigger pads that offer real-time sample / loop sequencing. This means that trigger patterns can now be recorded in real time and looped instantaneously. Drum patterns and loops can be manually re-sequenced and then looped to bring a completely new twist to live DJ remixing. Using the C.324, sequences can be created in seconds compared to minutes using drum machines.

The C.324 can record loops and samples, with the length determined by the time setting. This new feature makes it easy to set up seamless loops. The C.324 also allowed for the creation of beat synchronized loops based off of the current song’s BPM. This means that a perfectly timed seamless loop can be set on-the-fly with one press of a button. Once a beat synchronized loop has been set, it can be trimmed or expanded in real time by beat increment. By trimming the beat, a one bar loop can be turned into a 1/2 bar loop, 1/4 note or 1/8th note. Smaller loops can be expanded in the same fashion.

Jim Mazur, Director of Product Development for Stanton DJ said, “The C.324 expands on the functionality of our popular C.314, and is a great all-around player for every type of DJ. It offers new and exciting creative tools, such as the first real time sequencer in a DJ CD player, an automatic looper, and great ergonomics so that DJs can perform more exciting and creative mixes.”

Highlights of the Stanton C.324 include:

  • Tabletop CD player with touch sensitive jog wheel for scratching and beat juggling
  • CD slot drive mechanism
  • MP3 playback with text display and onboard file and folder browsing
  • Onboard pattern and real time sequencer for the on-the-fly drum machine style performances
  • 7 high-quality beat synchronized digital effects: Filter, Auto Filter, Echo, Phaser, Flanger, Transform, Pan
  • Beat synchronized sampling and looping with four trigger pads and cue memory
  • Auto and manual BPM control
  • Vinyl emulation with adjustable platter start / brake speed
  • Adjustable pitch (+/- 8%, 16%, 25%, 100%) with pitch blend
  • Key lock allows a song’s tempo to be changed without affecting the original key of the song
  • Reliable anti-shock playback with auto cue
  • Blue LCD display with visual marketing
  • S/PDIF digital output

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